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Workout Equipments

Month 3 - Breakthrough

Welcome to Month 3! In month 3 you will notice everything coming together and how much you've changed both physically and mentally. Now is the time to buckle down for the last 4 weeks and make that push to achieve those goals, leave nothing on the table. We will also be setting up a game plan for the upcoming months for you to continue your progress!


Workout Plan & Nutrition Planning Final Adjustments

We will make adjustments to your exercise and nutrition to help push you towards those goals. Now is the time to ensure you are following everything as outlined to gain the most success before the end of the month! Keep going you've got this!!

Week 9 Habit -
The Wheel Of Life

Mindset -

Now that you have made great strides in your health/fitness lets evaluate other areas of your life that could use improvement. We can discuss action plans to get there in our upcoming calls.


Complete the Wheel Of Life Worksheets - Click Here

Old-Fashioned Clock
Gyan Mudra

Week 10 Habit -

Mindset -
Be mindful of the things you are grateful for, acknowledge what you are struggling with but also how far you have come.

Meditate for 5-10 Minutes a Day. You can download an app like Calm to help you with guided meditation if you are not comfortable doing it on your own.

Week 11 Habit -

Mindset -
You have accomplished so much! Now its time to set SMART goals for the future.

Use the SMART Goals template to set a few goals for the next 6 months to a year that we can discuss in our week 12 review.
SMART Goals Worksheet - Click Here

Food Knolling
Fitness Couple High Five

Week 12 -
Celebrate Your Progress

Mindset -

We will review your progress across the 12 week program.


Action -

Visualize Your Future Self and Share That Vision With Me


Schedule your 4 week session - Click Here

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