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Month 2 - Overcoming Obstacles

Welcome to Month 2! Now that you have gotten into the swing of things and you are doing a killer job of sticking to your nutrition plan and following the workout schedule its time to up the ante and start making some big moves while ensuring that we remove all obstacles so you can have a clear path to success. Month 2 is focused on creating a new mindset and taking action. Each week will have a mindset and action task for you to work on!

Gym Equipments

Workout Plan & Nutrition Planning

In month 2 you will be focusing on building your routines and overcoming any obstacles that try to hold you back from achieving your goals. We will address stress management, mindfulness, and create an evening routine to help you be most successful!

Week 5 Habit -
Stress Management

Mindset -

What is Stress & How to Overcome It - Click Here


Create a list of the things in your life that help you reduce stress. Now build your routine around one of these things daily!

Rock Balancing

Week 6 Habit -
Hydration Is Key

Mindset -

Hydration Is Key Guide - Click Here


Drink only zero calorie beverages this week.

Drink .5 gallon - 1 gallon of water everyday this week.

Week 7 Habit -
Sleep & Evening Routines

Mindset -

The Importance Of Sleep - Click Here


Create Your Evening Routine - Follow the same outline as week 2 for building a powerful morning routine and do the same for your evening routine

White Nightstand
Fitness Couple High Five

Week 4 Reflection -
Monthly Call Review 

This week we will review your progress over the last 8 weeks. We will reflect on your wins, address any road blocks, make adjustments to your program, and get feedback in both directions!

Schedule your 8 week session - Click Here

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