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Workout Equipments

Month 1 - Taking Action

Welcome to Month 1! Each month you will focus on NUTRITION, FITNESS, & MINDSET. In Month 1 you will focus on taking action in these areas of your life!

This month will be all about creating good habits around your workout and nutrition planning. We will be implementing incremental habits to help you learn and develop the skills to maintain a good exercise and eating regimen. The weekly habits are there to help you develop these skills with sustainable action.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

Workout Plan & Nutrition Planning

Your customized nutrition and exercise plan will be provided to you based on your unique goals, preferences, food restrictions, and comfort. You will begin your exercise and food tracking based on the discussed schedule and use Fitness App (Trainerize) and My Fitness Pal to track your daily progress!

Week 1 Habit -
Time Management

Setting up your schedule for success!

  • Schedule your workouts

  • Track what you eat

  • Schedule time for grocery shopping, cooking time, meal prepping, and eating

Weekly Success Planner/New Habits - Click Here

Old-Fashioned Clock
Book and Coffee

Week 2 Habit -

Powerful Morning Routine

Week 3 Habit -
Progressive Overload

Gym Equipments
Fitness Couple High Five

Week 4 Reflection -
Monthly Call Review 

This week we will review your progress for the last 4 weeks. We will reflect on your wins, address any road blocks, make adjustments to your program, and get feedback in both directions!

Schedule your 4 week session - Click Here

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