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The First Steps In Your Transformation

Fitness App (ABC Trainerize)

Fitness App is the app we will be using to manage your exercise plan, nutrition and daily habits. You should have received an email inviting you to set up your account. You will need to download the app onto your phone and create your user name and password. We will go over the app during our orientation call. 

Consultation Form 

You will receive an additional email from the Fitness App asking you to complete the consultation form. Please fill this questionnaire out to the best of your ability. This will be the information I use to custom design your exercise and nutrition program. The more information the better! This needs to be completed within the next 24 hours.

My Fitness Pal

My FitnessPal is the app you will be using to track your nutrition plan. It will link to the Fitness App so I will be able to see your daily progress and assess your compliance with the goals we outline to achieve your desired results. There are instructions in the Fitness App to link My FitnessPal to your client dashboard.

Take Before Photos

Please take front, side and back photos of yourself in a sports bra and shorts or a bikini. Each week take the photos in the same outfit if possible. Make sure the photos are from head to toe, and that the side facing photo is always facing in the same direction so I can assess where you are storing fat and what muscles are underdeveloped. You will load these directly into the fitness app weekly.

Get Clear On Your Why

Set a timer for 5 minutes and start writing down how your life will change once your goal is achieved. What is your WHY? Why are you wanting to change your life right now? This will be important to keep the motivation and determination on those hard days. We will revisit this from time to time.

Start Tracking

Between now and our onboarding call start tracking everything you are eating and drinking. Don't worry about changing anything but this will give me an idea of what you typically eat. 

Join Private Facebook Community

This is optional! If you would like to join a private facebook community I offer free tips, host challenges, contests, post workouts, recipes, and motivational tips. Click HERE to join the group.

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