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I'm Ashley, a women's fat loss and muscle growth coach dedicated to guiding women in achieving their body goals through incremental and sustainable habits.

As a mother of two, I intimately understand the challenges of balancing family responsibilities while trying to prioritize personal well-being. I specialize in helping women cultivate healthy habits around exercise, nutrition, and self-care without resorting to restrictive measures. My mission is to empower women to embrace their bodies, fostering confidence and comfort in their own skin. I'm passionate about facilitating physical transformation while nurturing a positive mindset and a deep sense of self-acceptance, ensuring that women achieve their desired body goals without the need for restrictive diets, unsustainable workout plans, and food guilt. I believe all women deserve to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

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Ashley Schwartz - BA Psychology & IMBA
Certified Fat Loss, Muscle Growth & Mindset Coach

My Approach

Welcome to The Busy Mom Method, a holistic approach to health that addresses the interconnected pillars of Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, and Habit Building and Accountability. 

As a busy mom myself, I understand the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities while striving for personal growth and well-being. That's why my coaching method is designed to empower you to thrive in every aspect of your life. But I don’t just coach moms! I just believe that if a busy mom can do it anybody can!

Customized Guidance

Your journey is unique, and so is my approach. I tailor my coaching to your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring that every step we take together is personalized to your needs.

Mindset Mastery

Together, we'll tackle limiting beliefs, boost self-confidence, and cultivate a success-oriented mindset that empowers you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Work Life Integration

Balancing career, family, self-care, and personal growth is an art. Through The Busy Mom Method, you'll discover effective strategies for integrating all aspects of your life, finding harmony and fulfillment in each role you play.

Effective Strategies

I'll equip you with proven techniques to enhance productivity, master time management, set and achieve meaningful goals, and ultimately, live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Overall Well-Being

Your health and happiness are paramount. With The Busy Mom Method, we prioritize your physical and mental well-being, ensuring that you sustain your high-performance lifestyle with balance and vitality.

Ready to Embrace

The Busy Mom Method?

If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic personal development, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Schedule a free discovery call today and let's start building the life you deserve.

About Me

About Me Anchor

I'm a Wife

My incredible husband Cory and I first started dating in 2013 and got married in 2017. We met working in the oil and gas industry in Colorado and moved to Idaho to start a family.


I'm a CEO

We all deserve to feel confident, comfortable and healthy in our bodies and if a BUSY MOM can do it, anybody can. This is why I founded The Busy Mom Method. 


I'm a Mom

My kids are my "Why". Everything I do, I do for them. They are the greatest blessings that God has ever given me and my aim is to show up every day and be the best version of myself so I can be everything they need.

What Got Me Here?


Completed a degree in fitness training and human performance and got certified by the ACSM and the NASM as a personal trainer


Completed a dual bachelors degree in psychology and business from the University of Denver.


Completed my IMBA with concentrations in foreign language and foreign affairs from he University of Denver Daniels College of Business.


Completed my certification as a life coach through the JSCS.

Why My Programs Work.


My programs are built off of 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 days a week and daily walking. Anybody has 30 minutes, 5 days a week, only 1.5% of their time. 


A flexible and sustainable approach to nutrition. Nothing is "bad or off limits", we follow the 80/20 rule. Life is meant to be lived so its all about flexibility, not restriction.

Science Backed

It's backed by science. My programs are not based on my opinion, it is all scientifically proven, it's is physiologically impossible for people to not make progress following this nutrition and exercise plan. 


My programs are custom tailored for each client. We all have different abilities, knowledge, restrictions, and goals. This program is designed for you and your goals. 

How Does it Work?

A Muscle

Centric Approach

Too many people chase weight loss, but not the right kind of weight, often times people lose valuable muscle on their weight loss journey by implementing restrictive and drastic measures. We focus on body recomposition., muscle growth and fat loss. This is not a weight loss program. 

Protein Prioritization

Many people follow low carb diets, low fat diets, low calorie diets, drastic xmeansure to lose weight, but they don't realize they are doing their body a disservice. Our body needs to be fueled properly to build muscle and lose body fat and when you deny your body the fuel it needs you will never achieve your goals. 



Most people do not understand how macros work, why you nee dot practice progressive overload to build muscle, how cortisol affects fat loss, the importance of sleep and hystraction, so I teach them! Health is about two much more than just exercise and nutrition. My approach looks at health from all aspects to make Sur eyou are focusing on the needle movers and gaining the knowledge you need to maintain your results long term.

Why Does it All Matter?


Six in 10 adults have chronic disease. Four in 10 have more than two. 


If you are under 60, walking 8-10k steps per day cuts risk of premature death by 39%. If you are over 60, walking 6-8k steps per day just risk of premature death by 50%.


Poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol use are the leading causes of chronic diseases. 


Only 150 minutes of exercise is all it takes to drastically reduce your likelihood of developing these illnesses. That's only 30 minutes per day!


Regular exercise reduces your risk of developing breast, prostate, colon, endometrium, and pancreatic cancers. 

Let's Go!

Ready to take the first step towards a balanced, high performing life?

Let's connect, and let's make your goals a reality. Your best days are ahead, and I'm honored to be a part of your transformation.Contact me today to embark on this empowering journey.


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